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Lawrence Bel Belyeu


Cedric Rice

Cedric Rice an x con who sent 10 years in the penitentiary. He is a man with murder in his past and present. the taking of life becomes the means to the end for him. financially. As he tries to adapt being on the streets while in the process of one of his murder for hire jobs. Cedric has a moment the causes him to re-evaluate his way of doing things. Just as he is in a transition to putting the murderous path behind him, he is black- mailed it to doing one more murder for hire.


Marvin Ritchie


Bobby Watkins

The outspoken Cousin of “Cedric, Bobby is an x-con fresh out the penitentiary. He looks up to his older Cousin and the respect he has earned over the years maneuvering through the criminal underworld. To which Bobby feels he has a future. Unlike Cedric, who is leery of his criminal past. Bobby acts as his liaison, facilitating murder for hire contracts for the pair and acting as his partner in their legitimate landscape business.


Eliot Hope Waish 

an immigration lawyer who puts people above profit. His motto is working for change, he strives for even if it cost him financially which it does on many occasions. Eliot consoles a client a grandmother who is desperate to get her granddaughter from Mexico into the United States being her life is in danger every moment she is there. He recommends a human smuggling organization. That ends up holding the granddaughter hostage for a ransom. Overwhelm with guilt, Eliot seeks out the service of Cedric Rice to retrieve her.